Pattie Belle Hastings

A Selection of Previous Workshops

Keeping a Visual Journal
Visual journaling allows you to express your feelings, thoughts and experiences through a combination of pictures, photos, drawings, paintings and words. The workshop included varied examples from journal keepers, as well as techniques and resources for beginning the journey or continuing on this path to personal and creative growth. Hands-on demonstrations and exercises.
Quinnipiac University, Celebrating Women’s Creativity Conference, 3/07

Girls and Technology Conference: Teacher’s Workshop
In this two hour workshop for Middle School Teachers, we took on the role of product designers and engineers in the GenderMachine Laboratory. We brainstormed, sketched, shared our work and in the process tapped into the “universal product designer.”
Quinnipiac University Girls and Technology Expo, Spring 2005

Creating Time: a time management workshop for creative people
We don’t need more assemblyline or boardroom rules – we already know that rules are often meant to be broken, and examples abound of mavericks who revolutionized their world by ignoring “conventional wisdom”. What we need is more UNCONVENTIONAL wisdom; we need tools that help us affect change based on who we are, how we work, how we think, what we value, and what we ultimately want to accomplish in life. This workshop is designed to help create the blueprint to build that life.
Quinnipiac University, Celebrating Women’s Creativity Conference, 4/03.
Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges Professional Development Conference, Hazard, Kentucky, 4/00.
The Learning Exchange, Hartford, CT, 11/96.
Southern Arts Exchange Conference, Mobile, AL, 9/96.

How to Fill a Blank Book
This workshop covers tools, techniques, and media for working in previously bound books from the initial stages of idea development to the final visit in the book press. A few of the techniques and media covered include collage (in the largest sense of the word), post-binding printing methods, rubbings, transfers, stamping, scrapbooking, and cutting. Content research and creation techniques such as the juxtaposition of word and image; pacing and rhythm of content; and visual journaling are also examined.
Two day, hands-on workshop, Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, 5/03.

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