The Scarlet Genotype

Pattie Belle Hastings

In these works, text, pictures, video, and sound are combined to create narratives that can be read on a number of levels – served up cross-media in the form of artist’s books, prints, a video projection installation, web site, assorted printed matter, and an installation based performance. The Scarlet Genotype was originally conceived for the group exhibition “Exposing Scarlet: A Visual Response to the Scarlet Letter” at Mills Gallery/Boston Center for the Arts, September 10 – October 31, 2004. Inspired by the Bicentennial celebration of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s life and work, fourteen artists were invited to explore the conceptual and visual evocations of Hawthorne’s novel, The Scarlet Letter. Working in a range of media spanning from installation to painting, these artists inquired into whether, and how, the issues raised in the novel are relevant in today’s society.


Scarlet Satement (1mb pdf)
Performance 1
Performance 2
Artists’ Book
Review: Big Red & Shiny
Review Excerpt: The Boston Globe

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