Marsha McLuhan

Pattie Belle Hastings

Introducing Prof. Marsha McLuhan, known for her seminal new media studies volumes, The Mediator is the Masseuse and Understanding Appliances: the extensions of woman.


Cyberfeminist, distributed performance, distributed narrative

In the first of an ongoing series of multimedia performances, Professor McLuhan delivers a humorous performative lecture on the “appliance” as an extension of woman. McLuhan examines historic Tayloristic (optimized work flow) kitchen design as applied to modern kitchen technologies and just where the technological possibilities may lead. Video images of appliances are projected to create a surreal landscape. Professor McLuhan interacts with the appliance, the audience, and the action within the projected video.

In both homage and send-up, Marsha twists and mutilates Marshall’s original text and ideas. For example the idea that “the ‘content’ of any medium is always another medium” can beapplied to the kitchen in the following way - the content of bread is flour and the content of the sandwich is bread.

The Marsha McLuhan project is a long term planned distributed performance and narrative that will take place across media and technologies and time: Live performance via video iChat, live events, speaking engagements; Distributed performance via Facebook, video podcast/YouTube, myspace, Second Life (or something along those lines), and blog comments; Distributed narrative via journal articles, artists’ pages, email, posters, and other printed ephemera.


Marsha in Facebook
Pictures of Marcha - again and again and again
Understanding Appliances Script (version 1.0 – 2.7 mb pdf)

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