Cyborg Mommy

Pattie Belle Hastings

Women hardly exist in discussions of technological culture, except as consuming units for manufacturing and advertising or in the case of reproductive technologies – the bodies that carry the babies. There has been little or no discussion about the postpartum technologizing of the mother and child. With microchips embedded in everything from toys and greeting cards to thermometers and baby monitors, increasingly, the mother/child relationship is mediated, complicated and enhanced by machines. We are encouraged to feed our infants information as if we were storing data on a hard drive with a push to begin “programming” their brains in utero. What is a cyborg mother to do? Here's to the recognition of the Cyborg Mommy – the Cyborg as oppressed and the Cyborg as liberated. “Cyborg Mommy” is a body of work, cyberfeminist in nature, that includes video, multimedia CD-ROM, performance, costume, books, digital ephemera, and printed matter. The “Cyborg Mommy” performance persona embodies hybridity, parody, and capitulation in the merging of flesh and technology, woman and machine. The multi-media performance/presentation consists of simultaneous projections of the multimedia CD-ROM and Cyborg Mommy’s disembodied head as she defines and demonstrates how it is that everything she knows about computers she learned from Mother.


Artists’ Statement (252kb pdf)
The Cyborg Mommy Website
Performance Documentation
The Cyborg Mommy Weblog Archive
Artists’ Book
JSTOR: Art Journal, Vol. 59, No. 2 (Summer, 2000), pp. 78-87

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