Cyborg Mommy Performance
“Everything I know about computers I learned from Mother.”

Mommy projection watches video of TotBot. (26kb)
More TotBot videos. (25kb)
Mommy speaks to audience through projected mediation. (27kb)
Image from live projection screen. (25kb)
Mommy takes a call. (18kb)
View of dual projection. (19kb)
Another dual projection view. (15kb)


“...Then we enjoyed Cyborg Mommy: Everything I Know About Computers
I Learned from Mother, by Pattie Belle Hastings, who proposed that
multitasking was long ago discovered by our mothers, the first de facto
cyborgs. Her costumed appearance and taped voice accompanied the
projection of a CD-ROM about the cyborg as opressed self. A perfect
closing for a perfect take-off day.”
“A Dac Dialogue,” from the Hypertext Kitchen, by Susana Pajares Tosca

“Cyborg Mommy” is a costumed performance persona that embodies hybridity, parody, and capitulation in the merging of flesh and
technology, woman and machine. The “Cyborg Mommy” multi-media performance/presentation consists of simultaneous projections of the
multimedia CD-ROM and Cyborg Mommy’s disembodied head as she defines and demonstrates how it is that everything she knows about computers she learned from Mother.The piece is approximately 45 minutes long. The CD-ROM documents are embedded with image, sound, video, and are hyperlinked to each other and with dozens of websites that are cyberfeminist, hip mother, and cyborg in content.

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