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Pattie Belle Hastings

Mobile Misuse Blog | Documentation of an art and design research project on the creative use, abuse and misuse of mobile devices. A place to capture my research and thoughts about my new long term project. I plan to create a better site when I actually go into production on some of the ideas that come out of the research.

Cyborg Mommy User’s Manual | Once the artists’ book was finished, I converted the entire thing to PDF and built a site to house it. I uploaded it the Summer of 2000 just before Cyborg Mommy’s performance at DAC 2000 in Bergen. I made a couple of experimental sites before this in the late 90's, but did not leave them online, making this my oldest internet work.

Cyborg Mommy Weblog | Cyberfeminist ruminations by Half Mother Half Machine – I kept this journal from 12/2002 through 3/2005. It started out as an excercise in practicing what you preach. I was beginning to require blogs in classes I was teaching and thought it best that I keep one too.

Blogging Across the Curriculum | Created this site in 2003 as a support for my class required web logs. At that time there were only a few students that had heard of blogging. The times have changed. I haven't updated it since 2003 and it is sorely out of date. Maybe I'll get around to it one of these days. Or not.

QUIDD Blog | I troll the web for anything interactive/graphic design related for my students to read/watch. I have been posting links for them at this blog since 2003. It now feeds into my Facebook profile, so if they don't visit the blog, they may come across it in Facebook.

IceHouse Design | This is the site for the design firm I started in 1989 and my husband now runs. I am still a consultant, but my main jobs are art making, teaching, and parenting. Our design site is always the last thing to get updated.

Art & Life Blog | Performing the Art. OK. Back to blogging. My friends and family, colleagues and collaborators are all over the world now. The best way to keep people posted is via web log. I just started blogging again for myself at the beginning of 2008 and it feels good to be back.

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