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Pattie Belle Hastings

Acrobat Master Class | Interactivity and Multimedia for PDF
Yeah. We pretty much wrote the book on it - Bjørn Akselsen, Sandee Cohen and yours truly. Unfortunately, every version of Acrobat that has followed has changed the interface so thoroughly that it has made updating this tome the equivilent of starting over from scratch as each version comes out. Every 18 months. We simply don't have the time...

From Amazon:
“This gorgeous, full-color book -- 384 pages in length -- uses case studies to demonstrate Adobe Acrobat's myriad uses as a sophisticated, multi-purpose, interactive tool. You can also use Acrobat to embed sounds, actions, and interactivity in PDFs -- this book shows you how.”

“I have to concur with the NY reviewer who said this is a manual that all others should aspire to. How to's and examples are often presented in multiple forms to aid in understanding. The illustrations are clean, clear, and exremely helpful. The writing is concise, clear, and actually fun to read! The included CD presents wonderful examples of state-of-the art pdfs. While hardly a geek, I found myself reading the book before bed at night simply because it was so interesting! Kudos to the authors! I highly recommend this book not only to anyone wishing to learn everything worth knowing about Acrobat but also to anyone who aspires to write a similar text. It's a master class in information presentation as well as how to produce pdf's.”

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