Science Project

Pattie Belle Hastings

I had chosen to postpone the creation of a family indefinitely – possibly permanently. Like many women of my generation, I found myself making a family after starting a successful career – traditionally a male pattern.

This conscious choice on my part increases many risks for the outcome of this experiment - potentially affecting my health and that of the child’s. First we had to establish that I was capable of conceiving.

We were advised by many women (recent mothers) to try the ovulation test kits available at the local drug stores. Day three of testing came up positive for ovulation within 36 hours of the test. The date was not even close to what we had charted by the 14 day cycle method.

Once the home pregnancy test was confirmed by the obstetrician’s lab, I was thoroughly examined and the risk factors were assessed. A course of tests and monitoring was established for the duration of the gestation.

The creation of a life in the present moment of time potentially triggers repercussions on unfathomable levels. On top of the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual there exists the complex layers of the medical, economic, social, political, scientific, ecological, and feminist, to list but a few. This experiment attempts to grapple with these complexities in its duration.

Inkjet, rubber stamps, various papers. Hardcover edition of 2, 1998

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