...I Forgot what I was going to tell you...

Pattie Belle Hastings

An Illustrated Guide to Sleep Deprivation

“Hypnos and Thanatos. The boys, the brothers, the twins... so close that you sometimes can’t tell them apart. If death is like sleep - a welcome rest from this long hard day of life - what more could be asked, from a so called eternal paradise, than the bliss of a deep and peaceful sleep? The chirping birds of daylight gasp and fart. The day drags on in dead and dying winter even though the few hours of light are gray and uneven. Any sign of the pastoral hour has succumbed to the pale glow of the LED bright with digits. A Benedictine bell calls us to prayer only to find halls upon halls of classrooms with their incessant tardies and detention. All productive life is monitored by a program that counts nanoseconds per task and tallies our uselessness.”
from ...I Forgot...

Laser and inkjet, edition of 10, 100 pages, numbered in reverse, perfect bound, soft cover, 1989

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