Barrier Island

Pattie Belle Hastings

“The book conveys a sensibility with which we wilderness lovers can identify—a concern first for the island and its wildlife, and second (distantly) for the comfort of the human inhabitants and visitors. The choice and presentation of images is the first clue to this sensibility. The bands of wind-sculpted sand in the opening spread resemble the ribs of a skeleton. Beneath these ribs, on the heart side, we find the title page and its aerial view of Cumberland. In one diptych, a photograph of unspoiled sand dunes makes another of a pile of bottles illegally dumped in the island's northern wilderness area look particularly ugly by comparison. Dead and living animals, live oak trees and placid backwaters, charred woods and thriving salt marshes, buildings both stately and humble—these images, each individually strong, work together to form a picture of an evolving ecosystem teeming with many contradictions.”
Tom Campbell, Art Papers, January/February 1996

A collaboration with artist Linda Armstrong, offset, four ink colors on four different papers, hard cover, edition of 500, 4.5 x 11 inches, 1995

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